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Search party volunteers and others react to Larry Millete's arrest

Some say they were overjoyed while said it was bittersweet.
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Posted at 10:18 PM, Oct 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-20 13:42:37-04

CHULA VISTA, Calif. (KGTV) - After months of searching in different areas by volunteers, law enforcement started a new search is underway at the Millete home in Chula Vista.

This comes after Larry Millete is arrested for murder in the months-long disappearance of his wife Maya.

Volunteers who were in search parties are feeling overjoyed at the development.

"It's overwhelming, honestly. Like we knew justice was going to come sooner rather than later like I said. But, now seeing the results, it's joy,” Mariam Bojorquez, a search party volunteer, said.

"I was surprised but really happy. Often times when law enforcement is silent people think that they aren't doing their job. In a few cases, they're staying silent for a reason,” Liliana Bruke, Lead Organizer of Search Warriors Official, said.

When first hearing of Tuesday’s announcement, it brought a different kind of feeling for some.

"That they may have found her. And it's bittersweet. But hopefully, it will bring closure,” JoAnn Fields, who helped with outreach for the search parties, said.

It may have been a moment months in the making. Still, those who trekked mile after mile in search of Maya say it's worth it.

"The fact that they were investigating this long and they made sure that they made sure that they had everything; enough to arrest him. I think I do feel a sense of closure,” Bruke said.

"Doesn't surprise me. We knew like sooner than later this is going to happen,” Bojorquez said.

Maya has yet to be found despite Tuesday’s arrest.

So, people are still as dedicated and devoted to finding her.

"That has been our main focus is to not stop until May is found,” Bruke said.

"It has been a tremendous effort. You know, it takes a village to do this."

Bojorquez said that she has faith that Maya’s family will be just as resilient in their own searches.

"I know that they'll continue to search for Maya no matter what until they bring Maya home,” Bojorquez

There's also hope that this arrest can help find someone so many people are looking for.

"Maybe that, anyone that knows something may feel a little bit more comfortable knowing that he's in custody. And that they're going in the direction of justice,” Fields said.

Burke told ABC 10News that they must have done dozens of community searches from February until the end of May 2021.

Currently, they’re still doing their own independent searches for Maya.