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Husband of missing Chula Vista mother claims police illegally detained him for hours

Posted at 3:41 PM, Jun 16, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-16 20:07:55-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — In court documents obtained by ABC 10News, Larry Millete, the husband of Maya Millete, claims he was detained illegally by Chula Vista Police during the second search of his home last month.

His wife, Maya Millete, has been missing from her Chula Vista home for six months. Police have been investigating since January but have not publicly named a person of interest in this case.

In response to a petition for a gun violence restraining order (GVRO) issued to Larry Millete on May 7, Millete wrote in a sworn declaration, "The Chula Vista police pulled me over on the 5 freeway in San Diego jurisdiction."

He also added, "The Chula Vista police held me for six hours while my home was being searched, and they threatened me with being arrested or detained even longer if I insist on going home to my children, my parents, and my house."


In the GVRO, investigators said Larry owned a cache of firearms, some legal, others illegal. Larry said the guns were all legally obtained; he calls it a collection approved by his wife.

"My guns are registered and I have gone through the required background checks. I have 17 guns that have been all taken by Chula Vista Police. I have no other guns inside my house and we are not allowed to bring guns to work. My Uncle Rick had my 5 AR-15, that are incomplete and disassembled guns that nobody can use," he writes.

Larry said investigators also took the guns his uncle, Rick, had during a search of his uncle's home in April.

In the court documents, Larry attached several of his handgun safety certificates. Larry claims his three children do not have access to the guns and that the kids are supervised at all times. In the GVRO, investigators described their concerns after finding a picture of Larry's 4-year-old son surrounded by guns and ammo.

In his response, Larry also said that negative statements had been made about him by his wife's family and their attorney, blaming him for his wife's disappearance. He writes, "This created an environment of hate and anger against me and motivated people to leave threatening and malicious messages on our doorsteps, front door, text messages, and through the mail."

He included pictures of several messages he has received, including texts like "Why'd you kill her Larry" "Where's your wife. Not looking too good for you," and a handwritten note that reads, "Larry you coward, tell us where she is. We all know you did it."

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Included in the documents are also several character reference letters in support of Larry.

ABC 10News reached out to CVPD for a response to Larry's claims. The department said, "we are aware of the information that has been reported referenced in your email, and CVPD with assistance from the multi-agency working group will continue to investigate any and all leads with the primary goal of finding the reason behind May’s disappearance or bringing justice to May’s family regarding her disappearance."

A hearing has been set for June 22 to determine if the GVRO will be extended.