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Husband fears for missing Chula Vista wife, mom of three

Posted at 6:11 PM, Jan 12, 2021

CHULA VISTA, Calif. (KGTV) — Maya and Larry Millete are high school sweethearts married for 21 years with three children — ages 4, 9, and 11.

Maya has been missing from her Chula Vista home since last week. Millete says they had argued the night before.

"We had problems this year, up and downs," Millete told ABC 10News.

He said his wife has left before for the night to blow off steam, but he became worried when she didn't show up for their daughter's birthday on Sunday.


"That was a gutwrenching feeling ... you know, you kind of break down a little bit ... she would never, ever not even say 'hey honey, happy birthday,'" Millete said. "There's something keeping her from contacting us."

It appears she took her phone but has not responded to any phone calls.

"I text her, I don't know if she's getting it, I say, 'hey babe, at least let us know ... or call someone,'" Millete said.

Her Jeep, which she would take to meetups with other Jeep owners, is still at home.

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"If she didn't have her car, a friend would have to pick her up. That's the only reason I was like, 'maybe she's wine tasting or hiking with a friend,'" says Millete.

Maya works as a defense contractor at Naval Base San Diego and didn't show up for work on Monday.

"I called her boss, she didn't even log in. And that's the other alarming part, because work for her is like a party ... that's her outlet," Millete says.

Millete says he will continue to search, anxiously waiting.

"Trust me, I've been emotionally, physically, mentally drained," Millete said. "No sleep, I'm not eating ... The main thing is I can't really think straight."

Maya's family will meet to search for her at 10 a.m. at Mount San Miguel Park on Wednesday and Friday.