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Reporter | Beats: Crime & Courts

"The best part of my job is telling stories that yearn to be told."

As a reporter, Michael Chen has had the privilege of covering a wide range of those stories, from the frostbitten nights of a Wisconsin snowplow driver to the exhausting night of a firefighter during the October wildfires. His journalism dreams date back to his youth, when sitting with his family watching the news became a nightly ritual.

Another dream was sparked when Michael, working as a reporter in Green Bay, WI, was sent to cover the Super Bowl-bound Packers in San Diego. He spent an entire afternoon hanging out with a surfer wearing a giant cheesehead! After the assignment, as with most visitors, a love of San Diego was born.

In 2003, Michael traded in his Wisconsin cheesehead for sun block, and a new adventure every work day.

Michael has spent more than two decades reporting in San Diego, covering crime and the court system.

Michael has reported on hate-motivated criminal cases, as well as high-profile cases, including the death of Rebecca Zahau, the sexual harassment cases of former San Diego Mayor Bob Filner, the murders of Amber DuBois and Chelsea King, and the 2019 shooting at Poway synagogue.

Michael has also covered numerous stories about neighborhood crimes, from trends in vehicle burglaries, tagging and dumping, to break-ins and next-level ‘Ding Dong Ditch’ incidents damaging homes.

"Exploring issues from different angles and through a diversity of perspectives is challenging, exciting, and so rewarding," Michael says.

In his free time, Michael enjoys reading, running, hiking, horseback riding, tennis and working as a programmer for the San Diego Asian Film Foundation.

Want to contact Michael? You can e-mail him at michael.chen@10news.com

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