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Lightsabers, droids help outfit your 'Star Wars' journey at 'Galaxy's Edge'

Posted at 6:00 PM, May 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-31 16:46:42-04

(KGTV) — Whether you're looking for an entirely new wardrobe to accent your "Star Wars" adventure or a few tools of the trade, "Galaxy's Edge" will offer more than enough merchandise for fans to enjoy.

From custom-made lightsabers and droids to Jedi and Sith robes, there's something for every fan, young and old.

Part of the immersion will send guests even deeper, as shop keepers invite visitors to role play as they create their new prized possessions.


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As you venture around the planet of Batuu, take a peek at some of the merch available exclusively at Disneyland's newest addition.

Over at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities, visitors can peruse from an inventory of rare and unique items including ancient Jedi and Sith artifacts, holocrons, and lightsabers.

But for those who want to build their lightsaber from the handle up, Savi’s Workshop will give guests the chance to customize their weapon using a variety of pieces reflecting different types of lightsabers:

  • Peace and Justice: Pieces salvaged from fallen Jedi temples and starships from the Republic era. The pieces will reflect the simple designs of the Jedi Order.
  • Power and Control: Reclaimed ashes from a rumored Sith home world and temples. The pieces are characterized by strong and sharp forms reflecting the Sith's lust for power and control.
  • Elemental Nature: Pieces are born out of The Force and all living things it flows through, reflecting elements of nature such as wood, bone, or even teeth.
  • Protection and Defense: These pieces are believed to have been created for protection and defense with mysterious designs and inscriptions reflecting the ancient times of The Force.

You don't want to travel through Batuu alone, right? The Droid Depot gives park-goers the opportunity to construct their very own droid to guide them through "Galaxy's Edge" and all the way back home. Mubo heads up the workshop where guests will choose from a variety of parts to construct their own astromech droid.

If guests desire a more animated companion, the Creature Stall will provide for all native creature needs. The stall is filled with interesting critters like Porgs and Kowakian Monkey-Lizards.

For something a little more classic, Toydarian Toymaker has an assortment of plush "Star Wars" characters, wooden and tin toys, and galactic trinkets.

Then comes the part where guests can pledge their allegiance to a cause — or none at all in the scoundrels' case.

First Order Cargo sits in a storage dock near the market near a First Order TIE fighter. For those who choose to shop there, an assortment of pins, caps, First Order gear and uniforms, model ships, and much more is available to show loyalty.

Resistance Supply is a "makeshift" supply location at the Resistance's hidden command area inside "Galaxy's Edge." There, guests can outfit themselves with uniforms and jackets, badges, hats, training supplies and tools, food rations, and other accessories that will help them become part of the cause.

Black Spire Outfitters all offer several other clothing options from uniforms and hats to t-shirts accessories encompassing "Star Wars" universe.