10News Leadership Award

The 10News Leadership Award recipient will be someone who provides leadership by making San Diego a better place to live, standing up for those who need help, has initiated or created solutions for others, is a role model and fulfills a local need -- thereby improving the quality of life for all San Diegans.

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Leadership Award Recipients
LEAD San Diego

LEAD San Diego has impacted the region for more than 30 years through leadership development programs, community investment initiatives, graduate and community efforts and recognizing exemplary leaders at the Visionary Awards, held every May. 
Media 4 Women

Media 4 Women was founded in 2009 by Bobbye Brooks and Tonilee Adamson with a mission to help women launch their own businesses. Media 4 Women is a full-service marketing and media company with an emphasis in entrepreneur development, and hosts regular classes for training and education on all aspects of business development.