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Disneyland's Jungle Cruise to reopen after changes to cultural depictions

World-Famous Jungle Cruise Reopens at Disneyland Park on July 16, 2021
World-Famous Jungle Cruise Reopens at Disneyland Park on July 16, 2021
World-Famous Jungle Cruise Reopens at Disneyland Park on July 16, 2021
Posted at 11:04 AM, Jul 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-09 14:04:06-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — Disneyland's original Jungle Cruise attraction is ready to welcome aboard visitors after undergoing changes to its story and cultural depictions.

The ride will reopen to guests on July 16, while changes to the attraction at Walt Disney World Resort are still underway and should be completed later this summer, the company said.

Part of the changes to the ride was to rectify the attraction's depiction of Indigenous people and tribes.

"We’re excited to be building on the story of the Jungle Cruise to include new adventures that stay true to the experience we know and love, while adding more humor, more wildlife, and an interconnected story," said Chris Beatty, an Imagineer who led the creative development of the enhancements. "As part of creative development, we’ve also introduced characters from around the world and took a thoughtful approach to ensure accurate representation of cultures in our story."


In addition to making the changes to depictions of characters, the renovation added new scenes and some unexpected scenarios riders will experience on the Adventureland jungle voyage.

And, of course, the cruise's skippers — and their wise-cracking humor — will be aboard to guide guests through the iconic park journey.

Jungle Cruise's changes come ahead of Disney's release of its movie based on the attraction and after the park announced its Splash Mountain ride would also undergo changes to reflect appropriate cultural depictions.

"The exciting changes we’re making to one of [Disney’s] most popular classic attractions, Jungle Cruise, reflect our commitment to creating unparalleled experiences that reflect, not only the best in storytelling, but also the values and rich diversity of our world," Disney Executive Chairman Bob Iger said in a statement last January.