Texas woman drives through sleet, snow to reunite with dog after 2 years

(KGTV) - A Texas woman drove through sleet and snow to Nebraska to reclaim her beloved dog that had been missing for two years.

"Bowser" came to the Nebraska Humane Society as a stray. Thankfully, his owner had him microchipped.

Humane society workers traced the chip to a Robin May, from Texas, who said he had been missing for the past two years. May drove from Texas to the society overnight through stormy conditions to reunite with Bowser.

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"She was so excited to get her dog back," Pam Wiese from Nebraska Humane Society said.

Photos of the pair quickly made rounds around social media, showing Bowser happily planted in Robin's lap.

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Rumblings that Bowser may have been living with a different family during the two years missing. A commenter on the society's Facebook page claimed to have housed Bowser, which they called Bane, after buying the dog on Craigslist.

The society said this is an unfortunate possibility with some lost pets finding their way to their original owner.

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"We don't have any knowledge that anyone stole or took the [Bowser]. We do know that sometimes dogs get out and people who find them don't scan for a chip ... so the dog might end up wth a 'new' family who has the best of intentions, but doesn't realize the original family is missing the dog," the society wrote.

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