Ramona animal center gets unexpected Christmas gift: A bare black bear

RAMONA, Calif. (KGTV) - A Ramona wildlife center received an unexpected Christmas present last year, in the form of a furless California black bear.

Volunteers with the organization The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center took the bare black bear cub, named "Eve," into care on - you guessed - Christmas Eve. The bear was picked up by Department of Fish and Wildlife officials the day before from good Samaritans in Placer County.

Before transferring her to Ramona, officials gave Eve an examination, medicated bath, and medication to combat mange mites and any underlying bacteria. Even without any fur, Eve didn't have any severe infections.

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"Eve has a long recovery ahead of her," Fund for Animals Wildlife wrote on Facebook. "Our hopes are that she'll make a full recovery and hopefully be able to spend next Christmas Eve in the wild, where she belongs."

Eve's fur should grow back once the mange is gone.

The organization is currently accepting donations to help support Eve's special recovery process.

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As of Jan. 1, volunteers said Eve was responding well to the care.

"Our little bare-bear is doing great! She is a hearty eater and so far has not been picky at all," a Facebook post read. "She will need to remain in the medical ward for now, where we can sanitize her room and we have the ability to keep her away from inclement weather and keep her on heat during our chilly nights."

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