Repairs to North Park water main nearly complete

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — The "Idaho River" has dried up.

Repairs to a water transmission line in North Park are nearly complete, days after thousands of gallons of water flooded the neighborhood.

Crews were out Friday replacing the broken 90-year-old, cast-iron pipe with a new PVC pipe and repaving the large hole formed at the intersection of Idaho Street and Polk Avenue.

A portion of the road over the pipe's location Saturday morning remained closed off for crews to complete spot paving and cleanup.


"Obliviously it was state-of-the-art in the 1920s when it was installed, but we don't use cast-iron anymore," Arian Collins, City of San Diego spokesperson, told 10News. "Even though it lasted a long time we find that the PVC lasts a lot longer."

Collins said the city is working to replace all of the cast-iron plumbing running through the city's water lines — about 70 miles worth of piping to go. He added the city hopes to have that all replaced or under construction within the next five to six years.

Thursday's break was the second in the area, though on an unrelated line, in just a year. Some residents affected this week were also wrapped up in lawsuits with the city over 2017's break.

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