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San Diegans search for 'old normal' in return to Halloween festivities

People partook in fun in Downtown, Hillcrest, and elsewhere
Posted at 11:55 PM, Oct 29, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-30 02:55:02-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - There are a decent amount of people roaming different parts of San Diego on the first night of Halloween weekend. Some people went all out in some creative costumes, while others simply took part in the festivities out of costume.

In the Gaslamp District, ABC 10News saw some witches walking around and a group of men who were all deck out in different costumes. One in a "dogecoin" outfit, another man dress as a character from the movie "Fight Club," and someone out of Middle Earth from "Lord Of The Rings."

“I am indeed ready to partake in the festivities. Yes, it’s been a long time coming. I have been in more or less retirement these past two years so I’m here to celebrate the new day,” the man dressed a dwarf knight — while staying in character — told ABC 10News.

There were also some families with young kids walking around before the late-night hours.


Some people dressed in costume were a little afraid of the spotlight and those dressed as reporters on Friday night.

There were others attending the Nightmare on Normal Street in Hillcrest. Tradition events like a costume competition occurred along with a dance party and other live entertainment.

Aside from the goblins and ghouls, there was a Dia de Los Muertos festival in Chula Vista and an Edgar Allen Poe themed event in Sherman Heights.

This Halloween weekend is leaving some with a sense of what the “old normal,” used to feel like.

Some were dedicated to the idea of experience All Hallows Eve to its fullest.

“Yeah, a sense of normalcy lots of fun, community,” Elizabeth Lizea, who was in Downtown San Diego, said.

“Tomorrow night we are going to dress up more. So tonight, we are checking it out and seeing what’s going on. It used to be crazy down here,” Thomas Levine added.

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