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No cruising signs could be taken down from Highland Ave by the end of the month

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Posted at 5:17 PM, Apr 05, 2023

NATIONAL CITY, Calif (KGTV) — Legally getting behind the wheel of a classic lowrider down Highland Avenue in National City could soon be a reality for hundreds of lowriders around our community.

Cruising down Highland Avenue has been illegal for more than 30 years.

"Their identity was stolen 30 years ago. You know, a culture was just destroyed," said Carlos Ruiz, United Lowrider Coalition treasurer.

After two years of fighting to get the ban repealed- the United Lowrider Coalition is reaching its goal.

"April 4, 2023, is going to become history for the lowrider community," said Jovita Arellano, United Lowrider Coalition president.

The National City city council unanimously approved repealing the ordinance Tuesday night.

"It's gonna show that the city is embracing our culture. The city is embracing the Black and brown communities and the Black and brown lowrider. It's Black. It's brown. It's Filipino. It's all races," said Arellano.

The group said when you think of lowriding in San Diego - Highland Avenue is the mecca.

"You can't do it without having Highland Boulevard because it was so influential back in the day. You know that was a place where people could express their freedoms," said Henry "Popeye" Joiner III, United Lowrider Coalition.

If you ask the coalition what the first thing they'll do when it takes effect, they'll say.

"Cruise," said Arellano.

The council will vote on the repeal ordinance as part of the consent agenda on April 18. If approved, the ban is officially repealed.

Meanwhile, the United Lowrider Coalition says it's working with a youth council to mentor and teach how to build lowrider bikes. You can contact themhere.