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'It was devastating to see him': Grossmont High School student in coma after car crash

Grossmont high school student in coma after crash
Posted at 11:43 PM, Aug 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-24 13:42:45-04

EL CAJON, Calif. (KGTV) -- A teenager is fighting for his life after being involved in the deadly car crash in El Cajon this past weekend.

On Monday, authorities identified 16-year-old Gady Cruz as the driver killed in the Aug. 21 crash. Three passengers -- all teenagers -- were seriously hurt in the wreck.

Abigail Reyes said her 16-year-old son, Jiovanni, is in the hospital in critical condition.

“I was leaving the hospital. It was devastating to see him and leave him in that state,” Reyes said.

El Cajon Police said Cruz was driving at a high rate of speed when he lost control and crashed into a light pole on Navajo Road and Fletcher Parkway.

The crash left Jiovanni in a coma with a broken pelvis, backbone, ribs, and a list of other serious injuries.

“He had to have heart surgery from his legs … the veins from his legs connected all the way to that main artery,” Reyes said.

Reyes said Jiovanni’s best friend, Noah, was also in the car during the crash. Noah is recovering in the hospital.

As for her son, Reyes said he’s had both good and bad days.

“Today his leg was like … I touched his foot and it was warm so there’s been good signs,” she said.

Reyes said the main concern right now is Jiovanni’s brain and lungs.

“He has a tube on his side and he’s losing blood because his lungs are like bleeding from how injured they are,” she said.

But, despite being up against all odds, Reyes said it’s her son’s strong will to live and her faith getting her through this trying time.

“He’s going to rise from that bed … I truly believe,” Reyes said.

The family has set a GoFundMe to help with medical expenses.