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Disabled Chula Vista senior, theft victim receives new power wheelchair

Disabled Chula Vista senior, theft victim receives new power wheelchair
Posted at 5:09 PM, May 09, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-09 20:40:48-04

CHULA VISTA, Calif. (KGTV) - A disabled Chula Vista senior has received a new power wheelchair more than a month after a thief stole a wheelchair from a parking garage.

After a month of frustration, 63-year-old Pat Kauwoh is once again on the move.

“I love being in my chair. I love it,” said Kauwoh.

It was a far different feeling in early April.

Kauwoh's custom-made power wheelchair vanished from inside his condo complex parking garage off D Street.

Kauwoh, who suffered a stroke 13 years ago, is paralyzed on his right side.

The power chair was his world. He mounted a camera and posted videos of his adventures, from libraries to stores, all across the county.

After an ABC 10News story on the theft aired last month, donations poured into a GoFundMe campaign. Many viewers offered to donate their own power chairs.

Thanks to the GoFundMe campaign, he was able to purchase a manual wheelchair and a ramp.

As for the power chair, there was also enough money raised to replace his $4,000 customized chair.

A photo shows a smiling Kauwoh receiving it this past weekend.

“I felt so happy. This is my baby!” said Kauwoh.

Kauwoh is now getting set for some new adventures.

“I want to go everywhere: beach, store, trolley, busses. I want to see the world,” said Kauwoh.

“His demeanor has really changed, from being really down to being really alive, “ said Kauwoh’s daughter, Erin Kauwoh.

When it comes to the donors that helped make it happen, Kauwoh has this message.

“It will be a good use … From the bottom of my heart, thank you,” said Kauwoh.