Gov. Newsom: 'Can't pull plug too early,' California will look different after COVID-19

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Posted at 1:12 PM, Apr 14, 2020

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — California Gov. Gavin Newsom said the state will consider lifting stay-at-home orders based on several key indicators, but he stressed that daily life will likely look different.

Tuesday, Newsom said he wants to see numbers flatten and decline before gradually rolling back the state's stay-at-home orders.

Even so, he said things won't look the same after the state reopens, pointing to more common usage of facial coverings while outside, restaurants adjusting to customer capacity, and students at public schools maintaining social distancing.


“While Californians have stepped up in a big way to flatten the curve and buy us time to prepare to fight the virus, at some point in the future we will need to modify our stay-at-home order,” said Newsom. “As we contemplate reopening parts of our state, we must be guided by science and data, and we must understand that things will look different than before.”

Several indicators will be considered before reopening California, including:

  • The ability to monitor and protect our communities through testing, contact tracing, isolating, and supporting those who are COVID-19 positive;
  • The ability to prevent infection in people who are at risk for more severe COVID-19;
  • The ability for hospitals and health systems to handle surges;
  • The ability to develop therapeutics to meet the demand;
  • The ability for businesses, schools, and child care facilities to support physical distancing; and
  • The ability to determine when to reinstitute certain measures, such as the stay-at-home orders, if necessary.

Newsom added that there's not a precise timeline for modifying the stay-at-home order. Newsom added that while the state has flattened the curve and seen modest decreases in ICU hospitalizations, the state, "can’t pull plug too early."


"The prospect of mass gatherings is negligible at best until we get to herd immunity," Newsom told reporters, adding that mass gatherings in June through August seem unlikely currently.