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6 San Diego restaurants among Yelp's 'Top 100' places to eat this year

Posted at 1:34 PM, Feb 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-21 16:39:27-05

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - If you're hungry for a plate unique to San Diego and among the best eats in the country, you're in luck.

Six San Diego County restaurants were recently named to Yelp's "Top Places to Eat for 2018" list. The popular business rating website compiled the list comparing ratings, reviews, popularity, and quality of restaurants from around the country.

In San Diego, Yelp suggests Yoshino Japanese Deli in Carlsbad (22), T Deli in Hillcrest (42), Sunny Side Kitchen in Escondido (45), Beyer Deli in Otay Mesa West (59), Pizzamaniac in Vista (87), and Classics Malt Shop in Point Loma (95.)


Yoshino Japanese Deli, Sunny Side Kitchen, and Classics Malt Shop also made Yelp's 2017 list of best 100 restaurants. Yelp's leading restaurants were TKB Bakery & Deli in Indio, Calif., Little Miss BBQ in Phoenix, Ariz., Aviva by Kameel in Atlanta, Ga., Yo-Way in Gardena, Calif., and Arun’s Indian Kitchen in Coral Springs, Fla.

The list may prompt locals to grab some friends and road trip over. If so, here's what to expect, according to Yelp users:

Yoshino Japanese Deli (cash only): "The perfect neighborhood deli. I wish I could wrap this place up and move it to my neighborhood. There's no menu, so you just kind of see what's in the store. Got a half/half spicy tuna & spicy salmon poke bowl and it was delicious. The rice (an underrated part of a good poke bowl) was perfect, the fish was fresh, and greens were delicious."

T Deli: "Let's be clear that I am not usually one to go out of my way to deal with the horrendous parking situation in Hillcrest on a Sunday morning but this place is worth. Probably one of the better sandwich/salad places in San Diego and it's a cute little mom & pop shop!"

Sunny Side Kitchen: "Bread, muffins, cookies all fresh and so yummy! Definitely a hidden gem in Escondido (sp), great prices and even better food! Lots of gluten-free and vegan choices which is a great plus. Wish I had taken pictures to share but I completely forgot, too distracted by the beautiful food. Can't wait to again!"

Beyer Deli (cash only): "I mean, what else is there to say? All the million other 5-star reviews are on point. This place is just absolutely delicious and fresh. My dad always orders from here to give to the guys for lunch. He orders the carne asada tortas and they are always perfect! So (sp) much avocado. Most places are very stingy when it comes to the avocado, but not here! They are super generous on the portions."

Pizzamaniac: "I'll be honest, since I started traveling to New York and Jersey years ago, I've become a bit of a pizza snob. I decided to try Pizzamaniac at my brother's suggestion, and boy oh boy, I was not disappointed! This is the closest thing to real NY pizza that I've found in Southern California so far! I've tried 5 of their different specialty pizzas so far, and I fully intend to make my way through the list (ideally VERY soon, I'm hungry again just typing this)."

Classics Malt Shop: "It's been ages since we last visited but please do yourselves a favor and stop by this precious gem!! The service is outstanding, the burgers are out of this world and don't get me started on the milkshakes and malts!  My husband has told me on many occasions how he wants to drive down to San Diego (2-hour drive) just to have a burger here again. It's just that good!!! I seriously can't wait to go back."