Trump says San Diego 'pushing really hard' for border wall

Posted at 10:35 AM, Apr 13, 2018

(KGTV) - President Trump once again called for the construction of his border wall project, and he said San Diegans “are pushing really hard to get it.”

The president tweeted Friday morning: “Tremendous pressure is building, like never before, for the Border Wall and an end to crime cradling Sanctuary Cities. Started the Wall in San Diego, where the people were pushing really hard to get it. They will soon be protected!”

Trump’s statement comes nearly two weeks after officials confirmed enough funding was received to replace 100 miles of border fencing along the U.S.-Mexico border.

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In San Diego, 28 miles of border fencing will be replaced. Another 14 miles of a secondary barrier inside San Diego will also be replaced, Customs and Border Protection officials said March 30. The replacement project will cost about $1.6 billion.

During his March 13 visit to view the border wall prototypes in Otay Mesa, Trump told reporters, “A part of San Diego needs a wall, they want a wall very desperately. They’re willing to do anything to get it. I said, ‘Nope, approve the whole wall, California.’”

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In a 10News/San Diego Union-Tribune poll released March 29 (data collected March 22-25), Californians were asked if they think building a border wall should be a priority.

The poll showed 11 percent of registered voters think building the wall should be one of the nation’s top priorities, while a combined 28 percent believe it is a priority or high priority.

However, 40 percent of the Californians surveyed said they believe building a wall is “a distraction.” Nineteen percent said a wall is not a priority.

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