That stinks: Miramar Landfill cited for bad odor

Posted at 6:22 PM, Mar 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-11 21:34:38-05

SAN DIEGO - The Miramar Landfill was issued a citation after multiple complaints from neighbors about bad odor coming from the site.

Janis Deady, who lives nearby, told 10News, "There have been times where the smell has even [woke] me up in the middle of the night and it would make me literally sick to my stomach."

Deady has lived in University City for 21 years, but she said just this past year, the odor has become overpowering.

"If you've ever smelled your trash can or smelled your greenery trash can or been around a gardener who has had a lot of greenery," she said, describing the smell.

Deady said the odor comes and goes, but it is worse in the early mornings and in the evenings.

The Air Pollution Control District ticketed the landfill on Wednesday. A spokesperson for the district said they've received 70 complaints since January 2016.

The district said the smell has been detected from as far away as three-and-a-half miles west of the landfill, located near state Route 52 and Convoy Street, and a half-mile to the south.

The district is still investigating specifics about the smell and how the landfill can fix it.

A spokesperson for the city of San Diego said they are aware of the foul odor and have been working to find a solution. Currently, they are testing non-toxic chemicals to see if that reduces the odors.

"It's about trying to live together because we need the landfill," said Deady. "But get them to be a good neighbor."