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Paramedic facing burglary, drug, weapons, and ID theft charges to remain in custody

Nicholas Conniry
Posted at 3:22 PM, Jul 25, 2023
and last updated 2023-07-25 19:29:34-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — The paramedic accused of multiple criminal charges will remain behind bars with no bail as his court proceeding moves forward.

According to court records, the alleged crimes took place between July 3-4. Nicholas Conniry, 43, is accused of burglarizing a woman’s home and possessing an assault weapon. He is also accused of obtaining personal identifying information of 10 or more people with the intent to commit fraud.

In addition, he faces a charge of possessing fentanyl.

On Tuesday, the prosecutor revealed even more as he argued to keep Conniry in custody.

“He also had an arsenal of weapons that are untraceable and illegal,” said Deputy DA Shane Waller, citing the multiple assault rifles and ghost guns found in Conniry’s home.

“On top of all that, he had a realistic looking fake Department of Homeland Security badge [and] apparently presents himself outwardly to some people as working for the Department of Homeland Security,” he added.

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Waller said that the victims in this case are in their 90s. He said Conniry went to the victim’s home in his uniform after the medical call, assuming they would not be in their San Diego home. Waller alleged Conniry returned a second time to the home to retrieve items he left there, including an iPad.

Conniry’s attorney argued his client had no priors and was not a flight risk. During the hearing, attorney Howard Williams denied all charges on behalf of Conniry. He said Conniry’s weapons have all been removed from the home.

During a hearing Tuesday, Judge Aaron Katz called the circumstances in the case against the paramedic concerning. Williams argued for bail to be set at $50,000, but the judge denied that.

His next court hearing is scheduled for July 31.

A Falck spokesperson said Conniry is no longer employed with their company, and they are fully cooperating with law enforcement.