Mermaid vanishes from Sunset Cliffs rock

Mannequin had been on Ross Rock since Memorial Day
Posted at 10:58 AM, Jun 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-15 18:50:50-04

SUNSET CLIFFS, CALIF., (KGTV) - An illegal installation of a mythical sea creature at a natural park is no more.

The mermaid mannequin that had been on top of Ross Rock at Sunset Cliffs was removed Wednesday night.

Some speculated that the mermaid was washed away by the high surf this week, but those familiar with who removed it say it’s been properly disposed of.

A group known as the ‘Cliffs Crew’ claims they took the mermaid down.

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"Last weekend we watched as multiple people and kids trying to climb up the rock to take pics with it," said a Cliffs Crew member who wants to remain anonymous, "figured when some one fell it would bring even more unwanted exposure so it was decided to remove it before someone did fall."

The mermaid mannequin had been atop the more than 50-foot rock since Memorial Day weekend.

A photo from May shows two people on top of the rock along with a rope ladder appearing to install the mermaid.

The Arizona artist who installed the mermaid recently came forward to 10News, but wants to remain anonymous, says they are offering a reward for a safe return of the mermaid.

“The Rock” at Sunset Cliffs is no stranger to unofficial adornments. 

In 2006, a large pterodactyl was put on the rock before being washed away. 

A peace sign, the numbers "2010,” a Christmas tree, a tiki head, and at one point, a toilet with a Raiders fan wedged inside have all been found in the surf below the rock in the past.