Mer-mystery: Did these two people install the Sunset Cliffs mermaid?

Photo: Did these 2 raise Sunset Cliffs mermaid?
Photo: Did these 2 raise Sunset Cliffs mermaid?
Photo: Did these 2 raise Sunset Cliffs mermaid?
Posted at 11:25 AM, Jun 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-06-01 15:43:35-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - A clue as to who may have installed a mermaid onto a popular Sunset Cliffs monolith has surfaced.

A photo taken by local Lucie Leonard was posted to Facebook soon after news spread of the mermaid's arrival. In it, two individuals can be seen atop Ross Rock and appear to be putting the sea siren in place.

A rope ladder can also be seen dangling along the face of the rock, dispelling any thoughts that whoever is responsible for it climbed freely to the top.

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The City of San Diego told 10News the mermaid doesn't fall under Department of Parks and Recreation and there were currently no plans for staff to remove it.

Since the discovery of the mermaid this week, residents and photographers have clamored around the Sunset Cliffs Boulevard area for the sight. Many on Facebook have also welcomed the mermaid to shore.

It's still not clear who the individuals seen in the photo are. And it's definitely not the first time something has graced the top of the rock.

BACK IN 2006: San Diegans finding peace atop Ross Rock at Sunset Cliffs

In 2006, a large pterodactyl was placed on what locals affectionately call "The Rock" before being washed away.

Other rock toppers have included a peace sign, the numbers "2010," a Christmas tree, a tiki head, and even a toilet with a Raiders fan wedged inside.

Though eventually, Mother Nature or possibly another person has removed what's been placed on the rock.