SDPD investigating increase in car burglaries

Posted at 6:34 PM, Dec 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-31 06:58:42-05

San Diego police are investigating a rise in car burglaries in downtown, Little Italy, and Banker's Hill.

Jeff Ramos lives at the Park at Sixth condominiums in Banker's Hill.

His car was broken into several weeks ago.

"They snuck in right here, smashed this window and then took my backpack," Ramos said.

The backpack contained a work computer and other personal items. The total value was about $2,000. He wasn’t the only victim.

"Maybe five spaces down, there’s another guy who had his backpack in his car. They smashed his window," Ramos said.

Team 10 learned of a more recent break-in at the same complex on December 3. Surveillance video captured a white truck leaving the scene. According to a memo from the property management company, the alleged thief had remotes, key fobs, and keys to get into secure areas of various properties.

Even with the recently installed cameras, Ramos said it doesn’t appear thieves are stopping.

“People are still kind of bold,” Ramos said.

San Diego police say whoever is doing this is smashing the passenger side window. Expensive items, like computers, jewelry, power tools, and drone equipment, have all been stolen.

Ramos says the break-ins go beyond cars. His storage locker also got broken into earlier this year. He says police never caught that person.

The complex did make some changes, including adding barbed wire around their perimeter and pointy stakes to deter people from jumping over the wall.

“It definitely changes my perception on how safe things are,” Ramos said.

Police say they could be looking for numerous thieves. The Central division recently formed a new night investigative unit devoted to keeping an eye on these crimes.