California voter registration hits record high ahead of November midterms

California voter registration hits record high ahead of November midterms
Posted at 7:23 AM, Nov 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-03 10:24:29-04

(KGTV) — Voter registration has reached an all-time high in California ahead of November's midterm elections, according to newly released state data.

A record 19,696,371 Californians were registered to vote as of Oct. 22, an increase of 1,892,548 registered voters since 2014, Secretary of State Alex Padilla's office says.

That means about 78.16 percent of Californians are eligible to vote, the state's highest level since the state's 1950 gubernatorial election.


"It is nearly unprecedented for California to set a voter registration record in a midterm election," Padilla said in a release. "It has been nearly 70 years since we’ve seen a higher percentage of eligible citizens registered to vote for a midterm election."

Figures from the state show the Democratic Party continues to hold the most registered voters with 8,557,427 voters, an increase since 2014. Republican Party voters total 4,735,054, a decrease since 2014.

Voters with no preference total 5,419,607 today, also an increase since 2014.

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Those numbers could fluctuate as well with the state's conditional voter registration policy. The policy allows residents not able to make it to a polling place or vote by mail to cast a ballot provisionally. Until Election Day, residents can go to their county election office or designated location to complete the conditional voter registration card and a ballot.

County officials will process the conditional registration and ballot and count the votes once verified. Most information on conditional voter registration can be found online here.