Mayor Faulconer declares state of emergency following January storms

City could see millions in disaster aid
Posted at 3:39 PM, Feb 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-03 18:39:40-05

SAN DIEGO - Mayor Kevin Faulconer declared a state of emergency for the city Friday, following a series of storms that caused millions in damage and deadly flooding across the region in January.

San Diego City Council will meet on Tuesday, Feb. 7. to ratify the declaration.

While Gov. Jerry Brown has already declared an emergency proclamation on the state level, a local proclamation is needed to secure state assistance.

A state and local proclamation allows San Diego to claim assistance through the California Disaster Assistance Act.

“We believe we have a strong case in applying for and receiving emergency aid from the state,” John Valencia, City of San Diego Office of Homeland Security Executive Director, said. “We estimate that close to $5 million may be recouped following the severe storms that pounded our City last month.”

January's storms prompted emergency crews to respond to a variety of calls, ranging from emergency response calls to swiftwater rescues, tree and debris removal, and traffic control. City officials announced this week that they estimate damages in the county during the stormy weather could range from $4.6 to $5.1 million.

Shortly after the storms, the City of Chula Vista declared a local emergency. The area sustained heavy flooding and about 300 downed trees and large branches. Some of those trees crashed into vehicles and residences.