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'Spellcasters' explained: Larry Millete used ancient Filipino ritual to hex wife Maya

Posted at 4:48 PM, Oct 21, 2021

CHULA VISTA, Calif. (KGTV) -- The investigation into Larry Millete revealed that he was in constant contact with what is known as a "spellcaster," hoping to fix his marriage with May, better known as Maya.

San Diego District Attorney Summer Stephan admitted Tuesday that she had never dealt with a spellcaster before taking on the case against Larry Millete, who was arrested Tuesday for the murder of his missing wife, Maya.

"Larry was trying to hold onto May, and he resorted to contacting what are called spellcasters," said Stephan.

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Dr. Catherine Luib is a licensed chiropractor, acupuncturist, and practitioner of Filipino indigenous medicine called "Hilot," which has similar roots to ancient Filipino spellcasters or witches.

"The Filipinos definitely have a magical heritage," said Dr. Luib. "Anything and everything can be asked, and it depends on the intention and the mind of the individual."

She says nowadays, only a small percentage of Filipinos believe in spellcasting. If they do, they are usually asked to make a talisman for protection or called upon to draw in luck.

"More money, more love, more healing. So those are the top three, I would say," said Dr. Luib.

But that was not the case for Larry Millete.

"He was asking May to become incapacitated for May to be in an accident, to have broken bones so that she could stay at home. Thus displaying his homicidal ideations to harm May," added Stephan.

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The DA says Millete sent daily messages to his spellcaster, seemingly becoming more desperate by the day. At one point, his request was to harm a man he blamed for their failed relationship.

"That person was not in the right mental faculties, right? And to concentrate that energy into spellcasting, definitely, is something concerning," said Dr. Luib.

Dr. Luib also says traditionally, there is no fixed price for a spellcaster. It can range from free to however you value the service, depending on the spell.