Man gives back after San Diego Blood Bank helped save his life

Posted at 4:44 PM, Mar 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-16 20:15:39-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- The upcoming San Diego Blood Bank's blood drive brings those impacted by the donations of others into focus.

One of those people brought into focus is Bryan Caraveo. Bryan was hit by a dump truck while riding his bike to work on National Bike to Work Day.

Due to the accident, Bryan suffered a traumatic brain injury, collapsed lung, several broken ribs and a broken nose, clavicle and vertebrae.

Bryan underwent two surgeries that required several blood transfusions, according to the blood bank.

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In describing the first moments he woke up in the hospital and realized what had happened Bryan said, “It was a matter of realizing that I was awake somewhere I didn’t know where I was or how I got there.”

Bryan’s life was in part saved thanks to people who donated blood to the San Diego Blood Bank.

“It makes me feel great because I know that at some point there were people who donated that helped me,” said Bryan.

Bryan now frequents the blood bank to give back to those who gave him back his life.

He also shared some advice for those on the fence about making a blood donation. “Take a look at your family and friends that are around you and imagine that in an hour they need blood. Are you willing to give a pint of blood to save their life? If you’re willing to give, you know, your family and friends a pint of blood, what about somebody else?”