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San Diego among top cities where adults still live with parents, study says

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Posted at 7:44 AM, Apr 06, 2019

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — More Southern Californians are electing to live with their parents today,

San Diego was considered among the top spots where adults live with their parents, ranking 15 on the 50-city survey, according to a study by MagnifyMoney. In the San Diego metropolitan area, 19.7% of adults aged 25 to 40 live with their parents, the study claimed.

"While these factors might play some role, the reality for most adults ages 25 to 40 living with their parents is that they lack the money to move out and establish their own households. Some might be unemployed and looking for work, while some have left the labor force altogether," the study says. "Other young adults have their own children and live with parents out of a need for child care and support."

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That group is broken down into:

  • Those who have children: 25.3%
  • Are unemployed (people who want to work but can't find employment): 6.9%
  • Don't participate in the labor force (people who don't work outside of home and not seeking work): 17.2%

The rankings used census data from 2017 to examine those who identified living at home with parents. Those who identified themselves as students were excluded.

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Other Southern California cities also hit the top of the list, including Riverside (1, 28.1% of adults living with parents), Los Angeles (3, 26.6% of adults living with parents), Sacramento (18, 18.7% of adults living with parents), San Francisco (19, 18.5% of adults living with parents), and San Jose (24, 17.6% of adults living with parents.)

Some more tidbits about the numbers, more men in the surveyed age range were likely to live with their parents in every metro. Also, the average unemployment rate across all metros was 8.6%, more than twice the national rate of 4% as of January 2019.

Across all metros, nearly one in five adults who live at home don't participate in the labor market at all.