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Woman jumps off scooter after brake lines were cut

Posted at 4:13 PM, Jun 12, 2019

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - A woman was left bleeding and bruised after she was forced to jump off an electric scooter. She had to think quickly when she realized the brakes were cut Tuesday night in Pacific Beach.

"My option was either to jump off the scooter or to just roll with it into traffic," said Mary Adamcyk.

Adamcyk says she rides electric scooters all the time. Tuesday night, it didn't end well.

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"I went to hit the brakes and they just didn't work and the scooter just kept going," she said. "I was really freaked out because there were two cars coming towards me."

So, she decided to jump.

"I just kind of went flying, I mean, I jumped off, I fell to my knees, my cell phone went flying," said Adamcyk. "I had holes just torn into both of my knees, they got cut up. My thumb doubled in size."

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Adamcyk says she always checks the brakes before she rides because she knows some people cut them. This time, she missed it.

"I'll see an entire nest with the brakes cut," she said. "I just see it so often."

Rutgers University released a new study on electric scooters this week. They found head injuries due to scooter crashes have tripled in the last decade.

Although she didn't hit her head, Adamcyk reported the incident to Bird. They responded asking for more details and said they were looking into it.