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Thousands head to the beaches despite ongoing beach hazard warnings

Posted at 7:36 PM, Jul 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-04 23:01:07-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — Thousands of people enjoyed San Diego County beaches, despite the ongoing Beach Hazard Warnings.

The National Weather Service announced there would be high surf, high tides, and strong rip currents on the San Diego County coastline. This Beach Hazard Warning continues until Sunday.

Whether you're playing, laying, or even working on this July 4th holiday, spending time at Mission Beach was a dream come true. Especially if you were the Newman family, escaping the Phoenix heat.

"When we left, I think it was 114 degrees," Bryant Newman said. They said it just doesn't compare.

"We used to hang out a lot at the resorts there locally [in Phoenix], but we have been coming to California for Fourth of July for the last for five or six years," Newman said.

But let's not forget about the Beach Hazard Warnings, still in effect until Sunday.

"They did warn us about high surf before I left the hotel this morning," visitor from LA, Saira Kinuthia said.

Kinuthia is not letting her two boys out of sight. She said while they are here for fun, safety comes first.

"We had our talk, and if the lifeguard says that we need to come out of the water, then we have to come out of the water," Kinuthia said.

Also keeping a close eye, there was a large police presence along the beaches and boardwalk. While most of the patrols were for alcohol, officers were also regulating the new e-scooter rules that took place on July 1st.

Riders must slow down to 8 miles per hour on the boardwalk. But 10News saw many people zooming by. One was an accident between a double-rider and an elderly gentleman, walking on the boardwalk. All parties were okay.

San Diego Police said they are giving many verbal warnings and a few citations for what they consider egregious e-scooter violations.

Whether it's on the scooter or in the ocean, please remember. Safety First.