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San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria delivers State of the City address

Todd Gloria
Posted at 4:31 PM, Jan 12, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-13 02:14:28-05

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria held his second State of the City address on Wednesday night at the San Diego Convention Center in downtown.

But, due to the spread of the omicron variant, it was held virtually yet again.

The mayor opened with his address highlighting how the convention center was used in different facets rather than host conventions during different parts of 2021.

He opened with frank remarks about addressing the public in the 2022 State of the City address.

“I’d love to rehash the past year's many wins on climate, transportation, fiscal discipline and more – and to celebrate the people and organizations who made them happen because I’m proud of them,” Mayor Todd Gloria said. “But the last two years have left all of us short on patience for happy talk.”

He addressed key issues that the City of San Diego is targeting and finding solutions for in his second year in office.

“But it’s also clear that they’re impatient for solutions to the many long-standing problems we face. And, believe me, I am too,” Gloria said.

Gloria addressed four topics on Wednesday night during his speech. They included housing, homelessness, infrastructure, and public safety.

“Now, I’ll be honest with you. These improvements are costly and they take time. But we are doing everything we can to streamline these projects and get them done as quickly as possible,” Gloria said when finishing his comments regarding infrastructure.

Gloria also called for more affordable housing in the community. He highlighted various plans such as his Housing for All package and the city’s opting into Senate Bill 10 which allows for the easier development of housing near mass transit locations.

One of the other talked about challenges in the city is the issue of homelessness. Gloria pushed for more permeant housing, increasing shelter beds and also helping those on the street who are dealing with substance abuse and/or mental illness.

“So, this year, I am pushing for state action on conservatorships so that people who cannot help themselves aren’t left vulnerable to the dangers of life on the streets,” Gloria said.

Many city leaders also meeting virtually are pleased with the announced solutions to these issues.

“That’s game changing just like his Housing for All package that going to streamline housing getting built. That’s really big,” Stefanie Benvenuto, VP of Public Affairs for San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, said.

“It sounds really simple. But he’s basically saying he’s going to stand up to those voices that are disproportionately loud.”

There’s also hope for what the solutions can do to overcome these challenges.

“I think we have a long ways to go. Our numbers are still too high on the street. And, I really appreciated the mayor giving us very straight talk on that: the challenges that people have and the great concern and the direction of a lot of different ways,” Tamera Kohler, CEO of the Regional Task Force on Homelessness, said.

In all, the state of San Diego in Gloria’s eyes is ready.

“Amid the darkest of times and under the most difficult of circumstances, we’ve seen a challenge, stepped up, come together and we triumph,” Gloria said.

Gloria also adding that one of the housing action plans he announced tonight would be going before city council tomorrow for consideration with others coming soon after that.

You can watch the State of the City below: