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Neighbors react and weigh in on crime following deadly shooting near Central Library in East Village

SDPD says one man died and another was taken to hospital.
San Diego Central Library Shooting 2
Posted at 1:32 PM, May 24, 2023
and last updated 2023-05-24 16:32:47-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – Yellow crime scene tape blocking off roadways leading up to the Downtown San Diego Central Library Tuesday afternoon.

"I was taking my dog out for a walk and just on the other side on, I think that one's K Street, I heard the five shots,” Victoria Russell, who lives in East Village, said.

"My bedroom window's facing right there so I heard the gunshots and I saw the shooter shooting down the street,” Jordan Williams, who lives in East Village, said.

San Diego Police's homicide unit investigating a shooting that left one man dead and another rushed to the hospital.

"We both ran down to the fifth floor where the pool was that overlooks like where the crime was at,” Justin Mickelson, who lives in East Village, said.

"I saw paramedics and the police come rushing up and started doing CPR for like 5 to 8 minutes before they stopped doing CPR on him."

Investigators say there was some sort of argument during which a man took out a gun and shot two other men. He was wearing a pink ski mask, which he took off as he ran away.

When it comes to crime in this area, some folks tell us they haven't seen too much of an increase.

"I know the owners down the street have noticed an uptick in just street crime in terms of rocks being thrown at their windows. But overall, not a big increase in overall crime I’ve noticed,” Russell said.

The District Manager of the East Village Association says there hasn't been an overall increase in crime rather there are some high-profile crimes that have happened.

"What we don't want is this to define the narrative of East Village. East Village is downtown's premiere destination neighborhood. And we think it has a lot of qualities that will make it successful,” Dominic Li Mandri, District Manager of the East Village Association

Some feel they'll continue to stay vigilant following this troubling tragedy.

"I don't think that this will how I go around doing my normal day-to-day activities moving forward. But I think anywhere it's good to keep aware of your surroundings,” Russell said.

"I take my dog out. We walk around the neighborhood three to four times a day, in the middle of the night sometimes, and I've never felt unsafe. So, this was quite a shocking thing to see,” Williams said.

Police said the motive behind the deadly shooting is still unknown at this time.