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Meet the 3 candidates vying for Nathan Fletcher’s District 4 seat

Posted at 4:55 PM, May 03, 2023

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — There are now three candidates that have formally announced they will be running for Nathan Fletcher’s District 4 seat on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.

Fletcher is expected to resign later this month. The Board unanimously voted on Tuesday to hold a special electionto fill the seat.

On Tuesday, Democrat Janessa Goldbeck formally announced she’ll be running. The San Diego native and Marine Corps veteran had formally announced she planned to run for the seat once Fletcher’s term was over.

Goldbeck is also the CEO of Vet Voice Foundation, a national veterans advocacy group.

“We know that there are military families here on food stamps having to use food banks in order to feed their families because the cost of living is so high. I think that’s a real travesty. Anyone who signs up to serve our country…we should make sure they are taken care of,” she said.

She says tackling homelessness, the skyrocketing cost of living, and crime are among her top priorities. She’s also served on the board of the San Diego LGBT Community Center.

“There are many battles taking place across our country right now whether it’s over reproductive health freedoms or the right to have gender-affirming healthcare. I believe strongly in these things and I think county governments are going to be the front lines of some of these fights,” she said.

Republican Amy Reichertannounced her candidacy on Wednesday. She’s the co-founder of ‘Reopen San Diego’ and ran against Nathan Fletcher back in 2022.

“We need a leader who is going to step up and not divide people, but bring people together,” she said.

Reichert says she’s spent time door-knocking throughout District 4 to hear from residents firsthand.

“They want help with the homelessness issue, with crime, with cost of living…clearly these issues have not been solved in the last four years that’s what we need right now,” she said.

Last week, ABC 10News sat down with Monica Montgomery-Steppe just after she announced her run for Fletcher’s seat. The current District 4 city councilmember and Democrat says her platform hasn't changed: top priorities include improving economic opportunities for all and improving public safety by reimagining policing here in San Diego.

"Supplementing law enforcement with alternative methods of public safety that's very important to me…it's had great success in District 4,” she said.

It’s estimated the special election will cost upwards of $2 million. Voters are expected to head to the polls on August 15.