In-Depth: Scheduling second COVID-19 vaccine dose depends on where you got the first shot

Posted at 6:30 PM, Feb 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-11 21:20:21-05

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- Anxiety is growing for some San Diegans that already had their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine but are worried they won't get a second dose in time.

"They wrote February 19 to 23," said Bruce Wolski, pointing to a sheet of paper that included when his next dose should be scheduled.

Wolski received a shot last week at the Chula Vista vaccination super station, and things went smoothly, but he said he wasn't given information about how to schedule the next shot or what to look out for.

He's been trying to find an open appointment for his second dose, with no luck.

" you go there and start over, it's the same form as before, there's no way to make an appointment or anything," he explained.

Fred Berlack wrote to ABC 10News with a similar problem last week.

"It was the quandary of did they get my email address right? Do they have it? Are they going to send it to me? Who can I contact to verify, and none of that was available, so it just added to the stress greatly," said Berlack.

His second dose date was quickly approaching after getting vaccinated at an Escondido POD, and he didn't get any clear answers, from a real person, about scheduling.

Monday, he called back with a positive update.

"I get an email from the county saying 'schedule your appointment for Pfizer and oh, by the way, it's not going to be in Escondido, it's going to be in San Marcos,' I jumped on it immediately," he said, relieved.

While some people had no problems booking that second appointment, the different websites and information are causing others' frustrations.

"If you got a first dose, we'll get you in and get your second dose," said County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, reassuring people that the second dose will happen.

According to the County of San Diego, how to schedule your second appointment could differ depending on where you got the first one. But, if someone was not able to schedule a second dose when they got their first, they should get an email to schedule a second dose within five days of the due date.

If someone doesn't get an email, they can complete this form to schedule a second dose appointment.

People who got the first dose at county managed sites, including the PODs, and booked through MyTurn should be able to schedule the second appointment immediately after making the first. For those who got the first dose before January 23, a link will be sent to you within seven days of the second dose date.

For those who had the first shot at Rady Children's, the second dose should be scheduled at the clinic during the first appointment.

According to the county, if that didn't happen, you should receive a scheduling ticket through MyChart.

For Sharp's locations, the county said you would get an emailed link that includes available appointments on PrepMod within seven days from your second dose date. For the Petco Park super station, a link should be sent to schedule your second dose through MyChart.

ABC 10News heard from viewers that say they did not receive that link or it did not work.

A spokesperson for UCSD Health, said "Our team is working with the call center vendor to increase staffing to support the significant increase in call volume. Please keep trying the MyChart help line."

For a step-by-step guide in signing up for an appointment at a site, see the links below to learn how to use the MyTurn, MyChart, or PrepMod systems to do so: