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Fundraiser for woman who lost car, cleaning supplies in Coronado flooding

Raquel Ruiz was cleaning a home when her car was flooded out on Jan. 22nd.
Coronado flooding
Posted at 9:30 PM, Feb 09, 2024

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – Raquel Ruiz, a cleaning business owner whose car was drenched from the flood, is recovering like many after the recent storm that swept through San Diego.

"Right now, I'm struggling a little bit, but I'm okay. I try to do it the best I can,” Ruiz said.

Ruiz was working, cleaning a home in Coronado, when the flood waters surged.

The deluge drenched her car, which was her daughter's car, and all of her cleaning supplies.

"She is probably one of the kindest people that I know,” Mana Monzavi, who organized GoFundMe for Ruiz, said.

Monzavi, who is Ruiz’s client in North Park, wanted to help.

“She didn’t really tell me the whole story. It wasn’t until I saw your news report that I realized the totality of what happened,” Monzavi said. “It didn't feel right that she should have to suffer like that."

So she asked Ruiz if she could set up a GoFundMe for her. Monzavi said she wanted to try to recoup some of the costs from the car and try to get a new one.

Ruiz did not want to do that, according to Monzavi. So they settled on just what was needed for Ruiz’s cleaning supplies.

“I said no because I don’t want to take a bunch with this, and I say that people want to help me, help me with a little,” Ruiz said.

Ruiz thought of others after losing how she works and her way.

“I hear, and I see people taking a bunch for things, and this is not I’m the person. I’m the person to help. I want to do the things for other people. I don’t feel well people helping to me,” Ruiz said.

Ruiz told ABC 10News that insurance pays for some cars but not all after the floods.

As the GoFundMe for Ruiz is nearly at its $3,000 goal, there’s still hope to do more for the woman with a big heart.

“But it would be great if we could actually do something for her and get her a new car or a used car or get her enough money to put some money down towards a car. So, that’s the hope,” Monzavi said.