Facebook post tells of attempted kidnapping of little boy; thwarted by father with bat

No criminal report was filed
Posted at 10:31 PM, Jan 30, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-31 01:31:29-05

A Facebook post over the weekend has generated lots of comments and concern about child safety in East County. The post tells of masked men trying to abduct a boy into a black van. It also says the father of the boy came running with a bat in his hand and the child was released.

No one filed a police report, though, and consequently no one has been arrested.

This was no specific address but it described the neighborhood along Mollison just north of Interstate 8. It’s full of apartment buildings and, of course, many small children.

"It makes me very concerned, Al Stevenson told 10News. "We have grandchildren come by often; we always worried about what might be happening in our little neighborhood here."

He says there's no official neighborhood watch but "We try our best to keep an eye open all the time; whenever we hear a noise or people who seem to be from somewhere else."

Stevenson talked about the busy streets and how they give criminals a bit of stealth.

"They can come and do their deed and be on with it," he said. 

Several neighbors were aware of the warning but didn't want to go on camera.

Stevenson showed his safety measures. 

"This fence is a good barrier for our kids to make sure they stay real close by," he said. "We are with them constantly. We don't let them out of our sight, hardly let them out of our reach."

Brian Madere just moved into the neighborhood, he says he'll be keeping his eyes and ears open for the safety of the children.