How to stay safe in active shooter situation

Posted at 7:16 PM, Dec 03, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-03 22:16:18-05

In the aftermath of the bloodshed in San Bernardino, many are taking a second look at safety in the workplace.

If faced with a threat, many freeze. Security consultant Steve Albrecht said that is less likely if you remember this phrase: "Run, Hide, Fight."

"Training takes you back to what you need to know," said Albrecht.

The first option in an active shooter situation is to run.

"Get out as quickly and safely as possible. It might be a fire escape, it might be a window. Familiarize yourself with all the exits ahead of time," said Albrecht.

If the exit is blocked by a shooter, the next option is to hide.

"Find the safest room you can find," said Albrecht.

Albrecht said lock and barricade the door using furniture, a doorstop or whatever it takes to keep someone out.

He showed 10News how to wrap a lanyard around a doorknob and hold the door shut.

"Put some pressure on it and stay out of the doorway. If the bad guy can't get in, he usually moves on. They don't shoot their way inside. We haven't seen any evidence of that," said Albrecht.

If you're in a barricade situation, Albrecht suggests turning off the light so you'll have the advantage if someone does enter.

If you don't have time to barricade or if the attacker is close by, the third option is to fight.

"Everything in your office could be a weapon. It could be something sharp like a letter opener or heavy like a fire extinguisher. Even a pen or books can turn into a weapon. You're fighting for your life; don't hold back." said Albrecht.