Eucalyptus tree falls at UCSD, smashing cars

Posted at 10:59 AM, Jan 20, 2017
SAN DIEGO -- A eucalyptus tree fell at UCSD Friday afternoon, smashing several cars.
No one was injured when the tree fell near the old student center in the center of the campus, a college spokesperson told 10News. Crews were able to get the tree cut up and hauled away fairly quickly.
Recent rains have saturated San Diego County and a severe storm is headed in Friday afternoon that is expected to bring flooding, high winds and possible thunderstorms. FULL FORECAST
The county has a history of eucalyptus trees falling during inclement weather. The trees have shallow roots, which poses a danger when the ground gets saturated.
Just a couple of weeks ago, for example, a 50-foot tall eucalyptus tree fell onto a freeway in the Clairemont area. The tree crushed two vehicles and left two people injured.
In February 2016, a eucalyptus tree fell in Mira Mesa, injuring 10News Photographer Mike Gold and Reporter Marie Coronel. Mike recovered from a compound leg fracture and eventually was able to return to work. Marie, who suffered serious back and neck injuries, is still recovering at home and has not yet returned to work.
There have also been incidents involving other types of trees, including a man who was killed when an oak tree fell on his minivan in Fallbrook about a week and a half ago.