SDSU students create PSA aimed at peers to stop spread of coronavirus

SDSU coronavirus PSA 2020
Posted at 3:01 PM, Aug 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-27 20:57:20-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - San Diego State Students created public service announcements, as part of a competition, to encourage their peers to take precautions and stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Thursday the university announced two more students tested positive for the virus, making the total four since move in.

The County of San Diego and SDSU will use the PSAs online as part of a new ad campaign, according to the county.

The university came to the county amid a spike in cases among young people age 20-29. San Diego County reported 25% of positive cases belong to that age group.

"We're asking people of your generation of your age group to do the right thing," Dr. Hala Madanat, Director of the School of Public Health at SDSU, said. She led the charge to create the competition.

"I really was hoping that we would hear from the age group where we were struggling to get adherence to the guidelines and be the ones to encourage their peers," to follow the guidelines she said.

One of the three winners, Senior JakeBryan Bonifacio, said he felt an obligation to use his skills to help. "It [the pandemic] is very concerning so that’s why I felt compelled to share this opportunity, share my video."

Bonifacio is a Marketing major and already had the tools to create a video. He said he used his own camera and editing software.

He said it was most important to create an impact using levity and positivity. He used his pup to demonstrate social distancing, "He’s the star of the show... animals bring that lovability."

While he is optimistic, he hopes to be a leader for change, to protect his peers and those more vulnerable, like his grandmothers.

The winners were announced August 10th and received Apple AirPods, according to Bonifacio.

SDSU has 29 confirmed coronavirus cases since March, encompassing students, staff and visitors.