San Diegans opting for RV vacations during pandemic

RVs at Campland on the Bay
Posted at 12:02 PM, May 08, 2020

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - A San Diego RV Rental company is seeing a spike in local rentals this summer due to the pandemic.

Owner of AdventureKT, Todd Schoelen, started the business with his wife, Katie, five years ago.

Found out of their love to travel, Schoelen said it's a perfect vacation for anyone who wants to take a break from quarantine. "They want to be safe, they want to keep the family together. They'd like to be self contained, RV travel really fits that bill."

San Diegans are having that realization Schoelen said, "we're having a big rush of people who have never RV traveled before."

As for the bill, Schoelen says a weekend trip could cost around $500 for a family of four. He said low gas prices make the vacation a win-win.

AdventureKT is already half booked for July, which is on par for normal years.

He said they are still struggling with cancellations from out-of-towners and foreign travelers.

A San Diego hot spot for campers is Campland on the Bay. Some families make summer reservations two years in advance.

"We are hanging in there, we have guests who are here for essential travel and camping," VP of Operations Jacob Gelfand said.

Campland has been hit hard by the drop in tourism. Rows of stalls sat empty.

Gelfand said they are thinking of options for safe summer entertainment. "Maybe a silent disco, at our properties in Newport Beach we're looking at doing a drive in movie theater."

Schoelen said there's one more side effect campers will see this summer, "Our national parks are usually filled with about half clients from foreign countries who aren't coming over this time."

Leaving a wide open road and endless opportunities.