Off-campus housing still holding SDSU students to leases

Posted at 6:56 PM, Mar 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-27 15:31:25-04

[Editor's Note: Officials with San Diego State University said the apartment complex featured in this story is privately owned and not managed by SDSU and is located off-campus. Our report is updated with that information. All students living on-campus who have moved out, will be receiving reimbursement for both housing and meal plans, campus officials said.]

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- SDSU students have largely moved out of off-campus housing as classes at the university have moved online to help stop the spread of Coronavirus.

Some students are having trouble getting out of their leases.

Sheli Riley has received emails from Capstone Management Company offering options to students like her daughter Kristin.

"Everyone's gone. Everyone's home," says Kristin, as she and her mom made plans Saturday to pack up the apartment she shares with four friends.

Saturday was the deadline for students in on-campus housing to move out. The normally bustling campus was mostly quiet.

Sheli lamented the challenges for college students whose semesters have come to an abrupt halt. "You're in this great time of your life, loving every aspect of living there. All of a sudden you came home for the weekend and now it's over, she says."

Sheli shared emails with 10News outlining the options they were given by the management company, which owns and operates the M@College apartments.

According to the email, students can move out by April 1st and receive a small credit toward their leases. If the student finds someone to sublet, they receive an additional credit. Students are still responsible through the end of July, or the end of their lease term.

Alternatively, if students choose to stay on campus, they receive a discount on rent, but the company may sublet the additional rooms of these shared apartments, which presents parents like Sheli with safety concerns.

She would like to see the university intervene.

SDSU sent 10News a statement saying in part, "these apartments are privately owned an operated," despite being on SDSU's campus.

Capstone management also sent a statement, saying in part that they are working with the university to offer options to students.

Sheli says one major frustration has been that the company has only offered a mailing address for any and all questions, rather than a phone number or email address to reach someone who might be able to help.
"It's hard when you hear they're doing relief from rent, nationwide... yet you get this through the university through the Montage."