FDA to consider possible changes to COVID-19 vaccine formula

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Posted at 11:40 AM, Jun 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-28 14:46:33-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) —The Food and Drug Administration Committee listened to presentations virtually from various vaccine manufacturers discussing the most effective ways in dealing with variants like Omicron.

Although health officials said the current shots are highly effective in preventing severe disease, they’re not stopping infection as well anymore.

In preparation for a possible surge in COVID-19 cases later this year, the FDA is asking its vaccine advisers to consider updating their current COVID-19 vaccine formulas. Looking at the possibility of focusing on a specific strain, and if so which strain should be selected?

Medical experts worry this winter, the formulas may not be strong enough in dealing with changing variants combined with increased indoor activity.

A representative from Pfizer spoke about the need for an omicron tailored vaccine. They add by producing an “omicron modified vaccine, they can formally establish the pathway for various modified vaccines, that would allow vaccine manufacturers to provide variant modified vaccines quickly.”

This discussion is also raising questions about whether COVID-19 vaccines would be given annually, similar to how the season flu shots are given.

Health experts add, if changes are made to the formula it takes several months to make these vaccines and distribute them. So a decision needs to be made soon so they will be ready by early fall.