Easter gives opportunity for residents to support San Diego businesses

Posted at 6:49 AM, Apr 10, 2020

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- With Easter around the corner, businesses are open to help families celebrate from home amid social distancing.

Stores across San Diego from local gift shops to restaurants and breweries, to butcher shops are hoping San Diegans take advantage of their hours for the holiday weekend.

Meri Brice, owner of Magical Child in Encinitas, said she's made changes since social distancing has been a requirement, creating a new online ordering platform and offering free shipping and delivery to nearby residents.

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She's also posted some of her favorite items for sale so families can still provide Easter baskets this season.

"We put up out all of our Easter things and all the bunnies, and basket goods," Brice said.

Robert Hagopin, co-owner of The Butchery in Del Mar, also prepped his store to ensure people can create a fully home-cooked meal with a one stop shop to his store.

Hagopin said, "We've ordered up on lambs and hams. All of your traditional dishes can be made out of our store."

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Despite shops located throughout different parts of the county, they all share the same goal of safety remaining their first priority while convenience remaining their second.

Adam Sparks is owner of Mangia Italiano in Chula Vista.

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He said he spoke with other restaurant owners in the Third Avenue shopping area to come up with a simple way folks can easily grab their meals to go.

"Customers just tell restaurants you're there, we just walk it out and put it on the hood of your car. If you want it in a certain spot, lay a towel out to where and we'll know where to put it. If not we'll just put it right in front of the driver's side of the car and there's not contact at all," Sparks said.

So whether its kids you have to please this weekend or mouths to feed, you can still somewhat enjoy the holidays, old fashioned, while giving a boost to local businesses.

"We'll continue to do this as long as we need to, to keep society safe and our staff safe," Sparks added.