Coronavirus Impact: Live updates for March 29

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Posted at 8:04 AM, Mar 29, 2020
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8:21 AM, MARCH 29
Escondido Albertsons employee tests positive for COVID-19
By Cassie Carlisle
SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - An employee of an Escondido grocery store tested positive for COVID-19, Albertsons Companies confirmed in a statement Saturday night. Public Affairs Director Melissa Hill said that the employee is receiving care and has not worked at the store since March 24. The company said the store will remain open, and "will continue to follow an enhanced cleaning and disinfection process in every department." Read more

8:11 AM, MARCH 29
Counties without coronavirus are mostly rural, poor
SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — As the coronavirus rages through Europe, and major American cities like New York and Los Angeles, more than a third of counties across the U.S. still have not reported a positive test result for infection across what are predominantly rural areas.

A data analysis by The Associated Press shows that 1,297 counties have no confirmed cases of COVID-19 out of 3,142 counties nationwide. Counties with zero positive tests for COVID-19 tend to have older, rural populations with lower incomes where rural health networks might be overwhelmed. The demographics hold major implications as the administration of President Donald Trump develops guidelines to rate counties by risk of virus spread, empowering local officials to revise social distancing orders 

8:07 AM, MARCH 29
Age is not the only risk for severe coronavirus disease
by Associated Press
(AP) -- Older people remain most at risk of dying as the new coronavirus continues its rampage around the globe, but they're far from the only ones vulnerable. As cases skyrocket in the U.S. and Europe, it's becoming more clear that how healthy you were before the pandemic began plays a key role in how you fare regardless of your age.

One of many mysteries: Men seem to be faring worse than women. The majority of people who get COVID-19 have mild or moderate symptoms. But a legitimate question is who should worry most that they'll be among the most seriously ill.

8:06 AM, MARCH 29
Locked up: No masks, sanitizer as virus spreads behind bars
by Associated Press
(AP) -- Health experts say prisons and jails are considered a potential epicenter for America’s coronavirus pandemic. They are little cities hidden behind tall fences where many people share cells, sit elbow-to-elbow at dining areas and are herded through halls to the yard or prison industry jobs. They say that it’s all but nearly impossible to keep 6 feet away from anyone.

Medical services behind bars have long been substandard and even hand sanitizer is considered contraband in some facilities because of its alcohol content.

8:04 AM, MARCH 29
Up to 200K deaths foreseen in US
by Associated Press
(AP) -- The U.S. government's top infectious-disease expert says the country could see 100,000 to 200,000 deaths from the coronavirus and millions of infections.

Meantime, Spain and Italy are pleading for European help as they fight still-surging infections and U.S. authorities are urging millions in the hard-hit New York City region to stay home.

The confirmed global death rate surpassed 30,000 people and new virus epicenters are emerging, including in rural counties in the U.S. with few intensive care units. Spain and Italy alone account for more than half of the world's death toll and are still seeing over 800 deaths a day each.