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Disneyland fans get new look at 'Tropical Hideaway' transformation

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Posted at 1:42 PM, Dec 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-22 17:15:22-05

(KGTV) – Disneyland is bringing the appeal of a secluded, tropical oasis to guests.

Disneyland has revealed a first look at its new "Tropical Hideaway" outpost in the theme park's Adventureland area. The outpost has been fashioned into an exotic marketplace along the Jungle River attraction waterfront.

Prior to the revamp, fans will recall the area was home to "Aladdin's Oasis."

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Guests can find "Tropical Hideaway" by crossing its main bridge, through the park's "Enchanted Tiki Room" or from “Skipper’s Walk,” a pathway at the Jungle Cruise loading dock. Once there, guests will be greeted by colorful array of tropical decor and at night, tiki torches illuminating the secretive jungle vibe.

And there will be plenty for guests to enjoy there. Whether its the hideaway's unique bao buns, chilled ramen salad, or Sweet Pineapple Lumpia.

The venue will open Dec. 21, 2018, all ahead of Disney's release of a Jungle Cruise movie, scheduled for mid-2020.