Get the most out of Coachella with these quick tips

Posted at 2:40 PM, Apr 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-12 17:50:06-04

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - Coachella Valley Music and Art Festival kicks off this weekend April 14-16 and on April 21-23 and it's sure to be an awesome time.

Whether it's your first venture to Indio for the yearly celebration or if you're a veteran, there's always something new to consider. Here are some quick tips and links to help you get all you can out of the festival:

Know what you can bring (and what you can't): You don't want to be caught off guard bringing a DSLR camera or a selfie stick. Know what you can bring and can't bring to Coachella. The festival has a pretty simple list you can double check here.

Fuel up on food and drink water: Remember to eat and drink water. Now you'd think that's a given, but it bears reminding. Don't run the risk of not drinking enough water and make sure you're eating throughout the day. Plus there are some pretty decent eats to be found there. Nothing ruins a fun time like hunger and dehydration. It's common sense.

Know where you're going: Coachella is pretty massive. Multiple stages blaring music, campgrounds, parking: the entire area the festival covers is large. But that's why we have maps, remember those? The festival has maps available online ahead of time to help you get your bearings.

Wear your sunscreen: It goes without saying. You'll be out in the sun for a couple of weekends and sunburn is the last thing you want to deal with. Sunscreen up and avoid the pain.

Bring a charger or mobile battery: You can wait for a charger at the festival's charging station, or you can come prepared with your own charger. Better yet, invest in a solid portable battery and keep your phone alive all weekend.

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Dress for the weather: The weather for both weekends of Coachella will be around 90 degrees. Dress for the warmth and for all the walking. If you're going to be dancing and on your feet make sure your shoes are on point. Check out the forecast before you head out.

Pace yourself out there: Yes it's Coachella so naturally, some may be inclined to party hardy. But as music festivals in years past have shown, rowdiness can lead to dangerous consequences. Be safe, don't look to get too far gone and look out for others. Basically don't do drugs, kids.

Take advantage of lockers: You want to bring back your belongings right? Stash your extra sets of clothes, merchandise, and other belongings in a locker. If you don't need it all day, it may be safer if you're not lugging it around.

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Take some time to get artsy: Coachella isn't all about the bands. Check out some of the amazing works of art, including paintings, sculptures, and photography. Check out more of this year's artists here.

Have fun out there: It's a music festival. Don't let small mistakes ruin a good time. It's all about good vibes in Indio. Have fun out there and enjoy the experience (plus you probably paid a lot to go.)

Mark Saunders is a 10News digital producer. Follow him on Twitter at @10NewsSaunders.