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North County auto shop fine-tuning business during pandemic

Posted at 1:00 PM, Apr 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-26 21:18:14-04

SAN MARCOS (KGTV) -- Dan Drew and Aaron Marin met several years ago before they decided to purchase Cal West Auto Center in San Marcos last year.

“San Marcos is amazing,” Drew said, adding that he moved his entire family to the city.

“We really just hit it off. We worked really well together,” Marin added. “We were able to solve problems."

Business was going well—and then the pandemic hit. “I would say [we lost] about 80 percent of the business,” Drew said.

While it is starting to improve, they needed help.

“The phones stopped ringing. We immediately started searching for the opportunity to have low interest loans,” Drew said.

They applied for several loans and found one in particular offered by the City of San Marcos for San Marcos businesses who are suffering due to the pandemic. With money from that loan, they were able to offer a discount to help their customers. The 10 percent discount off services at Cal West Auto Center was given only to first responders and essential workers at first. It is now offered to anyone who needs it.

“We’re human beings. If someone’s running into an issue and they need more help, just bring it up and we can help that way,” Drew said.

Drew said they wear masks while working and provide the required social distancing to customers, with the waiting area currently off limits.

Cal West Auto Center is located on 1070 Commerce Street in San Marcos. They are open Monday through Saturday.