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How to check if your neighborhood is at risk of flooding

Bonita flood
Posted at 10:28 AM, Jan 13, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-18 17:01:24-05

(KGTV) - With heavy rain on the way this week for San Diego County, you may be wondering if your area is at risk of flooding.

According to FEMA, those who live in an area with low or moderate flood risk are five times more likely to experience a flood than a fire over the next 30 years.

According to the FEMA flood map, Mission Valley is among one of the most likely areas in San Diego to see flooding. Areas along the San Diego River in the valley have a 0.2 annual percent chance to see flooding.

Click here to search your area on the FEMA flood map.

The National Weather Service is also warning drivers that roads could flood as rain continues to fall across San Diego.