Storm leaves mess of mud in Midtown

Posted at 9:15 PM, Dec 08, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-09 00:15:17-05

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) - A block of Pacific Highway was coated with mud Saturday as San Diego City crews worked to shovel mud across the street, the mess left behind after Thursday's storm.

Neighbor Steve Hirschauer lives up the street, but parks on Pacific Highway between Laurel St. and Hawthorne St. "It's wild," he said, "this is crazy you park out here and have to see if your car's a boat or not."

Thursday's storm dumped an impressive amount of water on San Diego, flooding streets and sending a 6 foot geyser out of a storm drain on Pacific Highway. 10News was the only station there while the floodwaters rapidly rose, stalling cars, trapping passengers who were rescued by firefighters.

Hirschauer came out Friday to see the damage, "a little wet inside, I couldn't run down here to make sure because I wasn't sure I could make it through two feet of water and there was two feet of water where we live."

Across the street city crews shoveled mud into a truck, a bobcat pushed the mud into piles and a thin layer of dust was left in their wake. Passing cars kicked up clouds, further cleaning the road.

"I came in at 12 today, and I forgot it rained and I forgot how the rain affects this place but it's definitely rough, it's not appealing to any customers," Employee at Fairway Golf Jerome David said they were marooned during the storm.

"Six o'clock is when we close, so came outside and the water was about up to the curb so we just couldn't leave here, stuck here about an hour and a half," he said now they have their own clean up.

"What the city wants us to do is they want us to get the job cleaned up and we get the quote and see if they pay for it or see if they don't," he said it's been frustrating.

David said the area is known to flood when it rains but never like what they saw Thursday. Looking forward, he said the business is looking into what can be done to fortify the business against a future flood.