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Positively San Diego: Tricycle rides bring community together

They call themselves the "COVID Cruisers"
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Posted at 5:44 PM, Mar 01, 2021

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- A Clairemont woman is bringing her community together simply by riding her tricycle every day. Her positive attitude is inspiring neighbors to become friends.

You've heard of biker gangs and motorcycle clubs. But you've never seen anything like this. They are an unlikely alliance that call themselves the "Clairemont COVID Cruisers."

The cycling crew started a year ago with just one rider, Meghan Craig. The 36-year-old has Down syndrome, but in no way does that dim her shine. You cannot ignore her yellow trike with bright pink handlebars. That caught the eye of her neighbor, Karen Scanlon.

"I'd been wanting to ride one too, so I bought one!" Scanlon said.

Two members soon became the entire neighborhood, including kids, babies, and even dogs.

Every day at 4 PM, the COVID Cruisers get together on themed rides. This time, the theme is "the Mars rover." They orbit the giant handmade paper Mars, then the half-mile loop in the neighborhood, waving and hollering at people who just a year ago were strangers.

"I would definitely recommend this because you can meet neighbors doing this and make new friends," 13-year-old COVID Cruiser Amber Barney said.

The group consists of riders ages five to 81. They said they can all use the exercise, especially in a time like now, when the world seems to be stuck in pandemic seclusion.

"The best part about it is we get some fresh air, and we get to stay away from electronics," 10-year-old COVID Cruiser Genevie Smith said.

This was all inspired by a very special woman, whose bright bike and personality brought together an entire neighborhood- something her father couldn't be more proud of.

"Meghan loves it, and this all started because of her," Meghan's father, Jim Craig, said. "Now we have the social distancing and stuff, but it's still wonderful. Just listen to the laughter!"