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Identical triplets graduate from UC San Diego

Tiara, Taylor, and Tiger Nguyen: Class of 2021
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Posted at 1:44 PM, Jun 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-10 01:12:53-04

LA JOLLA, Calif. (KGTV)-- The Class of 2021 at UC San Diego will be getting their diplomas this weekend. Among them are a set of identical triplets.

22 year-olds Tiara, Taylor, and Tiger Nguyen are extremely rare identical triplets, graduating from UC San Diego this Sunday.

"Even though we've grown independently, we found our way back to each other. It's literally been the best four years of our lives at UC San Diego," the ladies said.

The sisters from Fremont, California, said as kids, they did everything together. So when it came time for college, they all applied to UCSD and got accepted. They joined the same sorority. They even declared similar majors. Tiara will be graduating with a computer science degree, Taylor with a cognitive science degree with specialization in machine learning, and Tiger with a computer engineering degree. They said their inspiration was their parents.

"Our mom and dad are superheroes," Tiara said. "They are both software engineers."

After 16 years of schooling together, the triplets will embark on a new, separate journey for the first time in their lives. Taylor has accepted a software engineering internship in San Diego. Tiara is headed to Milpitas, and Tiger will be in Oakland.

"It's in the Bay Area for a medical company, but it's also for software engineering," Tiara said.

"I also have a software engineering job lined up this summer," Tiger laughed.

The biggest challenge of being alone?

"I'm just worried about having to get my own clothes," Taylor laughed.

But in all seriousness, they said they are not worried. They will only be one flight away and will always have that sister connection.

"It's not even really goodbye. It's more like a chapter is closing, but a new one is about to be open," Tiger said. I can't wait to see where all of us will end up."